Dialogue in the Dark is not only an exhibition, but an experience. Surrounded by complete darkness you discover the world by hearing, smelling and touching. Explore objects of everyday life in a completely new way without seeing them. Well-known situations become an adventure in the dark and every step will be a new experience.

You do not enter the exhibition space on your own. In group of up to eight people, you will embark on this special journey together. You are guided by visually impaired and blind persons who are experts for the dark surroundings and will ensure that you can really make the most of your experience.


Together, you will explore spaces in which you can experience everyday situations – however, they will be anything but ordinary for you. Walk through a park, stroll around the market and face the traffic. All of these moments will have a delightfully new touch to it.

After all these adventures, the tour ends in a café where you can relax with a drink, share your experience and ask questions. Our guides are happy to answer your questions and invite you into the world of the blind and visually impaired.