Available from mid March

Dialogue in the Dark is a concept that was created by Dr. Andreas Heinecke 30 years ago and which has been developed further ever since. In our Dialogue in the Dark workshops, participants are led into a pitch dark room, hence losing their most dominant sense – their eyesight. While being pushed out of their comfort zone they are assisted throughout the learning process by specially trained blind and partially sighted workshop facilitators. Participants are challenged to solve tasks while developing completely new strategies. Communication changes due to the loss of visual input and structures are disrupted, because an unknown situation requires a democratic and clear communication. All given tasks can only be solved within the team that needs to agree on a common and non-defined strategy. Dialogue in the Dark workshops are a powerful experiential tool that stimulates unknown skills and resources of the participants.

Three ingredients make our workshops a unique learning experience

  • The dark environment pushes participants straightaway out of their comfort zone. They have to re-orientate and reorganise themselves and their group.


  • The blind and visually impaired facilitators are living examples of people who have activated all their internal power to adapt and live their life to the fullest. They inspire participants to move beyond limits.


  • The dialogue is a communication tool which grows in the dark. The situation eliminates prejudices which might interfere with a good communication and active listening. Only through dialogue you can locate the others in the room and clarify which solution is jointly strived for. Only clear communication and strategy lead to a solution. Empathy and collaboration are essential to overcome the challenges of darkness together.

Some of the Dialogue in the Dark workshop benefits are:

  • Participants are immediately faced with a scenario of uncertainty and unfamiliarity which motivates them to activate unknown resources and skills.


  • The dark environment enables participants to find similarities among team members an equalizer effect is achieved.


  • The encounter with a blind or visually impaired facilitator creates a motivation and inspiration effect on the participants, who will discover that personal limits can be successfully overcome.


  • The experiential and practical workshop is a unique and unforgettable event for participants.


  • In the debriefing the experience is translated into the daily life of the participants.

Dialogue in the Dark workshops are based entirely on learning through experience. Darkness serves as a catalyst which allows participants to be more susceptive. They find themselves in a constant exceptional situation. As a result, one’s own behavior and that of others are perceived with particular attention. This experience permanently changes our behavior in certain situations. Are you interested in a workshop? Please contact us - prices start at 90 EUR per participant.